Mary Lynne Gibbs


Who I Am

I'm Mary Lynne Gibbs (Mary, please), author of several fantasy novels for young adults through adults. 

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The Dragon's Curse available NOW!


A PIECE OF STAKE is now available! 


Lex Jensen is tired of being the "Chosen One," having hunted vampires most of her life. She's ready to settle into her role as co-owner of a Scarlet's Bake Shoppe, spend more time with her kids, and maybe find a date (that isn't her ex-husband or someone her mother set her up with). Her mentor's disappearance during a turf war between two rival vampires botches her plans, and sends her into the streets of Detroit to find him.

But her mentor doesn't want to be found. It's her they want, body and soul. And they'll do anything to have her.


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Coming in 2024 from Hansen House, THE PRINCESS AND THE THIEF, a sapphic fantasy romance featuring a sheltered, cursed princess and the drunken thief who loves her.

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